It’s Happening, Small Businesses Focus is on Social Media

“Small businesses are spending three times more on social media and blogs than larger businesses.” according to author Phil Mershon from the Social Media Examiner blog.

This is occurring for various reasons, the economy, more control, and an easy way to reach a large target market.  What is most important is that it is happening.  Small businesses are finally having a chance to speak to their targets without having the price tag attached.

We have all seen it.  A business creates a Facebook fan page, gets all of their friends and family to like it, keeps it updated for a short time, and then the page maintenance gets lost in the shuffle.  Same story for a brand’s blog.  Data suggests small businesses like marketing this way because they can do it themselves, but not many businesses can.  Brands don’t have dedicated resources to social marketing.

With social being one of the biggest marketing engines of today, it is absolutely crucial to keep that marketing engine greased; keep it current, relevant, and useful.  This is a perfect opportunity to offer social media services to small businesses and drive their social media channels to success.

Read the full article and view the results from the post “Social Media Spending Habits Rise, New Research has Revealed” in the Social Media Examiner blog.

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